John Handley 27th Dec 1936 - 19th Apr 2016
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None More Brave

Wal Handley

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Whenever motorcyclists get together and reminisce over the past it’s not long before Wal Handley gets mentioned.  Many motorcyclists will know the name because he was one of the first riders to have a part of the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course named after him – Handley’s.  This book tells the full story of his life.  How this tough young ‘Brummie’ emerged from the back streets of his native city to become a rider whose ability to thrill the crowds never diminished. He became the only man to win all four of the pre-war solo classes of the Isle of Man TT races; he also smashed nine lap records in just 12 meteoric years of TT racing 1922-34.  No- one was faster during the 1920s and early 30s on two- wheels, so why did he not manage to win more than four TT races?  The answer was a mixture of bad luck and mechanical failures that dogged his years in the Isle of Man.  Yet despite these misfortunes, this quiet, modest man never became bitter and his remarkable personality made him generally liked and admired. This biography goes on to tell of his successes and adventures at Brooklands and the great European races from Monza to Assen.  Businessman and self educated engineer he went on to race cars superbly and became a very experienced airman by the time World War II started.  He was placed in command of an ATA Ferry Pool delivering a variety of warplanes to the RAF.  In 1941 he lost his life when piloting an American fighter that exploded after take-off.  His old enemy of mechanical failure had struck again.  None More Brave follows the inscription on the Memorial Seat, alongside the TT Course, which reads ‘None Ever Passed This Way More Bravely.’ This very readable and exciting story is packed with anecdotes and has over 100 illustrations.  Complete with index and foreword by Murray Walker it represents exceptionally good value at £15.00 plus postage.       
A Book in Everyone and in some, more than one
This great book captures the spirit of the age in which it is set. With the foreword by another legend Murray Walker a must have for anyone into the history of motorcycling competition.
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